I acknowledge the Wadawurrung people as the traditional custodians of the land that we meet

Common Q+A's

Where does beach kinder meet?
We aim to spend as much time on the sand as possible however weather may influence where we set up base camp for some protection to reduce our exposure to the wind, rain, or sun.

Barwon Heads river group meet near or under the walking bridge. 

Ocean Grove group meet at the rotunda off the walking path close to 14W or on the sand in between the main surf beach (toilet block) and the start of the dog beach.  

How structured are the sessions? 

At beach kinder we will begin with group time on the mat and start with an acknowledgement of country and an exploration of our theme.
It would really benefit your child to be in time for the start of the session. This is where we have the chance to explore our theme, learn some awesome things about our local marine environment which will also tie into all the activities set up for the session. 

Several areas will be set up for you and your child to choose from and these may include looking at marine artefacts, craft with natural products, hands on activities and loose part play materials. These are invitations to play, and the children will always have the choice to participate.  

The session will finish with a story on the mat (usually the children like to have a snack at this time too). The story aims to tie into our theme and will also be a nice time for reflection at the end of the session.

What will we learn about?

My teaching style focuses on a child-led approach which will engage your child and extend on their interests and curiosity.

There will be a different theme each week. Some examples we have explored so far have been the moon and tides, blue ringed octopus, crabs, sea stars, shellfish, rockpool habitats, Naidoc week and so much more.

We will also learn about how to be safe exploring rock pools and around the waters edge. When we interact with animals we learn to respect nature and our place within it. The group may also participate in a beach clean up or nature walk. 

Jump onto our facebook page for more pictures from our sessions we have done so far

Can I just pay as I go?


The term booking is there to encourage families to attend every week, we all know that if it’s a casual drop-in kinda thing then we are more likely to only go occasionally (when the sun is shining).

Your child will benefit immensely from regular weekly sessions, you will watch their confidence, creativity and joy grow.